Know to strengthen a child's immune ways

A range of ways that help strengthen the baby's immunity and that is through being away from eating any food containing sugars and fats cause harm to him besides that the best food is taken it is through eating fruits and stay away from any other foods cause damage to the body and foods which serve to strengthen the body's immune system in great shape, a citrus and containing vitamin C intake

That the mother to be careful is greatly exercise to a child and that activate immunity are working on the child and the mother on the interest working in a food baby and be food healthy and balanced and that are of interest in foods that contain zinc, where he is healthy and has a range of benefits the child

That is the child from the cold and disease serves to protect his help to increase mental focus and that is a lot of fluids and drinking lots of water and it is working to reduce the proportion of toxins in your body and stay away from foods that contain sugars and sweets Khat that sleep and quiet works to get rid of bacteria and germs which could cause damage to the body and to ensure that is to go to the competent doctor