Madam know the diet of children

There are a number of ways that can be done and the work of diet especially to children where he works to prevent infection in various diseases besides the diet of children is healthy and works on child injury protection in the obesity and is working to help the child grow in the form of sound besides children's diet is healthy and is working to get rid of someone feeling the hunger by doing in a number of ways, health and sound

Than is necessary that the mother on the work done in a number of matters which can be dealt with the amount of material that is considered healthy and a private meal Alavtarhoha that the intake of low-fat milk and is working to maintain the health of people and is eating fruits, grapes and quantity of vegetables at lunch He roamed to eat olive oil is healthy and that is the relief of lunch.

And dinner is considered healthy and beneficial to the body and be mild and intake of black bread which is to be control and weight of the child and to ensure that the practice of sports exercises along with that is to stay away from eating sugars and any material that contains sweets cause harm to the baby or even obesity is essential to be Stay away from any drugs cause a negative impact on child health.