Orange importance for pregnant women

There are a number of benefits that can be played pregnant obtained from eating oranges as oranges that opens the appetite to someone who is working to rid the body of toxins and diseases, a natural laxative into the intestines and works to get rid of constipation along with that has a big role in the disposal of cases of colic and it works to eliminate and expel worms in al-Hassan, a tonic to the nerves.

Oranges have a significant role in protecting the nervous system alongside it serves to protect the heart from disease and contains the amount of sugars that the body needs and is working to extend the body's energy and has a major role in working to improve the process of breathing and expels phlegm and is an effective treatment in solving problems The disease influenza view it contains vitamin C at high rates.

It works on calcium installed on the bones and strengthens as he has a big role in maintaining the reduction of cholesterol in the blood and works to reduce the incidence of opportunities in oncology also has a major role in working to lose weight and works to prevent infection in the overall neutered and is an effective treatment to anemic patients because it increases the hemoglobin in the blood to a healthy pregnant woman and works to prevent the incidence of infectious diseases affecting pregnant.