The importance of eating bananas to pregnant

There are a range of benefits that health is considered to pregnant It contains a set of benefits that are healthy to the girl and a pregnant woman is a banana dining integrated, strong and rich in a number of elements, one of the best foods that are healthy are considered to pregnant is necessary and works to preserve the mother's health and the fetus.

Banana is a natural remedy to get rid of fatigue, exhaustion and stress, a calming neurotransmitter normally serves to protect the body from disease and advised pregnant eat, especially during pregnancy, a rich source in omnes as the banana works to regulate hormones in the body and has a big role in the disposal of acidity and nausea Morning aspects to be dealt with is working to maintain the level of blood in the body.

Banana works to get rid of the infection in cases of pregnant poisoning to the part that has a role in maintaining the osteoporosis because it contains calcium, potassium, protein punched the banana works to get rid of excess weight and contains the amount of protein, carbohydrates and calories which requires decisiveness, a It works to change the mood of women and works to regulate body hormones.