Tips to baby food

There are a number of ways and tips that may be acting as a mother to interest Guy feed the baby and which are to be careful mother to eat the children healthy meals and basic in the day, a breakfast, lunch and dinner, and the move away from the snacks, which are by reducing the amount of intake of sweets and sugars The chips and soft drinks

It is possible to be overweight to child through a lot of eat and be an imbalance in the hormones in the decisive here than is necessary to do business checks to the child and work tests to hormones and that is to control the weight and size of the child and work entirely on the diligence to reduce the weight of the child overload him

Than is necessary to be rid of foods that contain fat and Zitout along with eating mashed potatoes or boiled or necessary care to eat fruits, which like banana, mango, eating rice and grilled chicken to the food dish when the child is essential and eating different types of power and eating both Balah, or apple or peach it operates on a person in the sense of satiety and get rid of hunger