Facebook social network features

There are many advantages offered by the social networking site known as Facebook, where everyone knows that everyone in the world spend a long time on this wonderful site, which should all people recognize the advantages and benefits of this site, especially as Facebook adds every day something new for each Users around the world, to add complete convenience and convenience across the network.

Facebook social network features

Facebook has added a lot of features, including the security of the account, while allowing the person to confirm the account through the phone number, in order to protect his account, while the user can download and download a copy of the information in the account.

Facebook gives users full convenience to allow applications to access their personal account. This feature has been added to give full freedom, and people can accept or reject the applications they want without any problem.

Facebook gives people around the world the freedom to admire the pages they want, and no one can be forced to do so. Many pages are displayed through advertisements that are funded by companies, colleges or other pages.

Facebook allows the user complete freedom to be identified on the site through his or her account during the creation process. The user can add the feature to allow people to search for him by phone number or name, along with the user's complete freedom to display the publications he wants to friends, who are they.