Nokia Announces New Nokia 7 Features

Nokia in China has announced that it will launch a new handset from the Nokia phone named Nokia 7, which features new features and wonderful new, and confirmed that the new phone will be available in Chinese markets this month.

Specifications of the new Nokia 7 phone

The new phone has a front and a strong glass background.
The Nokia 7 carries a 5.2-inch ips screen with 1080p resolution.
Contains a processor of 4 to 6 GB, and an internal capacity of memory up to 64 GB.
The Nokia 7 supports an external memory card.
Features a 16 mega pixel camera and a 5 megapixel front camera.
Battery is 3000mAh, supports fast charging.
Continental fingerprint besides having Bluetooth.
The new Nokia 7 is running Android 7.1.1 Noga.

The company announced that the phone will be available in the markets in black and white.