Facebook allows users to send 4k photos accurately

The social networking site Facebook has announced the launch of the new feature, through the Facebook application, where users can send and receive images that bear the accuracy of 4k, and it is worth mentioning that the images can not lose quality after the transmitter, and confirmed that the user must have a phone It holds a large screen and displays high resolution images.

Facebook allows users to send 4k photos accurately

Facebook application manager David Marcus said that he has been trying to make Facebook the best application among all applications in the world, and that it is used very easily among users, and he was very happy by announcing that the user can send images with high quality accuracy Via Messenger.

Facebook users send about 17 billion images in just one month. After announcing the new feature, there is a lot of fun in sending photos with high resolution, according to the Facebook application manager.

This feature is not yet available to all users around the world, but is currently limited to countries such as the United States, France, Canada, the United Kingdom, South Korea and Singapore. The website has confirmed that the user must update the application version before using the new feature.

Facebook is one of the largest social networks around the world, and there is a big competition between Twitter and Facebook, where every short period of time a new feature is announced on the site, and the highest technologies are announced to attract new users.