Factors that help prevent heart disease

There are many factors that help protect the heart from diseases and atherosclerosis, such as exercise, preventive drugs, good health nutrition, stress relief and anxiety, all of which help the heart to get rid of and protect it from diseases that may affect it.

Factors that help prevent heart disease

Many studies and research have confirmed that preventive drugs such as aspirin, help the human and protect him from clots in the heart muscle, and aspirin significantly reduces the risk of heart attack.

A good diet is very important in preventing and protecting the heart from diseases and heart attack, especially since eating a large amount of cholesterol may work on the presence of clots in the arteries of the heart, but a good diet, such as eating fish, fruits and vegetables useful to the body, and low-fat milk products .

Sports is very important in protecting the heart, as walking on a daily basis is very important in activating the heart muscles. The person must follow a certain sport system in order to activate the body. Quitting smoking helps the person to prevent heart disease. Smoking increases the risk of infection. Heart disease and cancer.

To get rid of anxiety and stress, a person must find a certain method and means to get rid of anxiety every day, and sleep well is important in avoiding the seriousness of heart disease.