Fish benefits and nutritional value

Fish is one of the most useful marine meat for the body, especially as it contains important nutrients useful to the human body and the human mind, where many studies have confirmed the great benefit of fish and meat in the protection of humans to many diseases that may affect the body, such as asthma, stroke, Heart disease.

Fish benefits and nutritional value

Fish is a natural source of protein, containing iodine, phosphorus, calcium, which is beneficial to the body's bones, all of which contain vitamin A. Fish avoids the risk of eye and chest disease, while helping to solve many problems in the body.

Fish is an important source of human iodine and phosphorus, which strengthens the bones. It contains amino acids, which are important in building healthy body tissues, and many studies on fish have proved to be of great benefit to pregnant women.

Fish contains substances that reduce the risk of cancer, fish contain substances useful for the removal of bone and bone pain, fish contains vitamin A, which in turn gives strength in the eyes, and avoids the human eye disease.

Fish meat contains phosphorus, which works to activate memory in humans, as proven by scientific studies, and protects the person from Alzheimer's disease. Fish also contains vitamin D, which is very important in building the human bone and the fetus inside the mother's abdomen.