How to prepare chocolate cake

Many people around the world prefer many kinds of cakes, including chocolate, and there are many special ingredients that many people like. Today we are talking about how to prepare chocolate cake ingredients, which many prefer.

How to prepare chocolate cake

Different ways to prepare chocolate cake from one country to another, each person likes the way he prefers, and some people make the cake and the introduction of some ingredients such as nuts and other, which gives the cake a kind of wonderful new taste.

In talking about the components of the work of cake chocolate, it consists of a cup and a half of the flour known for the work of cake, In addition to three eggs of large size, sugar-free cocoa powder, a glass of liquid milk, a cup of sugar, butter, 3 tablespoons vanilla, half a lemon, vegetable oil.

In the working mode, we separate the egg yolk from the egg, and the eggs are reduced in the electric mixer, then add the flannel and sugar, and we mix well, we add flour, liquid milk, all the ingredients are mixed with each other.

Add the lemon juice also with egg yolk, and mix well until the eggs disappear, we prepare a cake to put the cake inside the oven at high temperature, the method of cooking depends on the template used, and after a few minutes we put a spoon in half of the cake to ensure maturity, The cake is then served cold.