instagram supports Arabic language via its application

Facebook, the sole proprietor of instagram, announced that from this moment Arabic will be supported along with other languages such as Farsi, written from right to left. Today, it can be easily written.

 The company confirmed that the number of users per month Through its application reached 800 million, changing the language during the application is very easy, as the user can access the settings, then access the profile where he chooses the language he wants.

instagram supports Arabic language via its application

It is worth mentioning that the company announced that the user can update the application in order to be compatible with all new languages. 

The instagram application was not the only one that was late in supporting the Arabic language or languages written from right to left, such as Persian and Hebrew. For technical companies delayed in the inclusion of Arabic in their applications.

Instagram is one of the most popular applications where users can share their videos and photos with friends through an application that offers many user-friendly options The application is popular, with 800 million users accessing the application within one month.