Method of keeping children in the winter of diseases

During the winter, a young child is exposed to a lot of diseases that are common because of severe cold, including asthma, cough, fever, flu, so the mother must try to keep the baby healthy in the winter and follow ways to protect the child from disease.

Method of keeping children in the winter of diseases

The mother must maintain the health of the child and the infant by removing the child from microbes and microbes, and work to clean the room where the child lives, and try to open the windows in order to enter the air and sunlight into the room.

It is worth mentioning that the mother must clean the child's clothes daily, to remove any infection or bacteria that may affect the child, maintain the warm atmosphere of the child, to keep him healthy from the cold winter, and to be the baby's bath once a week with special soap.

The mother has to pay attention to the date of breast feeding on a daily basis because the mother's milk contains the important elements that benefit the body of the newborn child, giving him the strength and sound structure, and the mother's milk prevents the child from developing diseases and strengthens the immune system of the child.

Many doctors advise that mothers should follow healthy ways to keep the child, and that the child should live in a clean room and room free of any kind of germs in order to maintain his health and healthy growth.