Ways to maintain healthy hair in the winter

Many people around the world are keen on the beauty of hair, which is the basis of the appearance of women, and gives women all over the world great attention to the appearance of the beautiful and beautiful hair and health, and there are many factors that affected the health of hair and beauty, Seasons, and is affected by the high degree of coldness, besides it is affected by dust and dust in the summer.

Ways to maintain healthy hair in the winter

To protect the hair from damage and to maintain its health, there are many ways to work in the winter, as the crust increases significantly in hair in the winter, so it is recommended to wear the hat before leaving the house.

The use of bath oils constantly in order to maintain the beauty of hair and moisturizing especially in the winter, whether the hair is dry or greasy, use some creams to suit the type of hair, in winter and with a high degree of cold prefer to wash hair once a week using warm water, Do not use hot water to wash hair because hot water affects hair and works to break hair.

Hair cutting every 45 days is very important, to keep it from breakage and especially cutting the limbs of it, it is not recommended to use floss constantly because it helps break hair and spoil and influence the growth.

Many men and women around the world care about hair and health, because hair gives men and women beauty, and many doctors are advised to stay away from all the factors that affect hair, and use a suitable cream for each hair type to maintain it.