A natural recipe for thickening eyebrows

The thick hair of the eyebrows is one of the essentials for the beauty of women in the world, and there is a big problem facing women during the make-up and out of the house, which is the hair of light eyebrows, especially that the women feel discomfort.

A natural recipe for thickening eyebrows

It is worth mentioning that many girls and women are trying to get the natural way to intensify hair eyebrows, rather than resort to cosmetic surgery, which may leave symptoms and effects on the features of the face and eyes, and will show in this article the natural way to get thick eyebrows hair.

It can be used as a way to get thick eyebrow hair that provides comfort for girls. The eyebrows can be removed by placing the milk on a specific cotton. The face can be washed after about 15 minutes, and with this repetition a positive and useful result can be obtained.

Another way to get heavy eyebrow hair is coconut oil with a little lemon juice. You can get a great result if you repeat this process weekly by wiping your eyebrows with lemon juice and coconut oil.

Many women and women feel uncomfortable when putting makeup on the face if there is no heavy eyebrows hair can be controlled, especially as the thick eyebrows hair helps the woman to appear with a decent view during parties and weddings, there are many natural methods that can be relied upon to get eyebrows hair Dense.