Benefits of olive oil for body and hair

Olive oil is considered one of the most beneficial olive oils for the human body, as well as the great effectiveness in protecting and preserving the hair. Olive oil contains amino acids along with many vitamins. These vitamins protect the body from aging. On hearing in humans.

Benefits of olive oil for body and hair

It is worth mentioning that there is a way to maintain the hearing in the human, which is to massage the ear from the back with olive oil before sleep, and put a small cotton in the ear before sleep to remove dirt, and maintain the sense of hearing in humans, and repeat this process for about a week a day to get On a positive outcome.

Olive oil preserves the beauty of the skin and skin, as it works to remove fat and yellow skin layer, which may affect smokers around the world, and advises many doctors and according to many studies massage facial and skin olive oil daily, for all people who suffer from severe psychological conditions, Facial yellowing can be treated with facial massage with olive oil.

Olive Oil is a great help in treating inflammation inside the body and skin. Olive oil treats anxiety in young children. In addition to treating children with cough and shortness of breath, olive oil has great effectiveness in the treatment of renal failure. Spoon of olive oil when eating.

Olive oil has great benefits in the maintenance of hair and beauty, as well as it solves many hair problems, such as falling and breakage, and is in the combination of many cosmetics, and active hair oils, and helps olive oil to grow hair properly.