Warm drinks that protect from colds and winter illnesses

Hot drinks in the winter protect the body from the cold winter, as well as prevent some diseases that may affect humans, flu and cough, according to some studies conducted at the University of Cardiff, Britain.

Warm drinks that protect from colds and winter illnesses

In talking about the most important drinks that benefit the body and protect it from winter diseases, there is a honey drink with lemon, which contains a large proportion of vitamins, which protects the body especially vitamin C, which is an antioxidant, which works to prevent bacteria in the body, Which may be formed in the throat.

Hot tea from turmeric, protects the body from colds, consists of 4 grains of two grains, along with fresh ginger, a bag of tea, and a large piece of cinnamon, where this mixture is placed on fire for at least a quarter of an hour, Eat hot after adding honey to it.

Honey and thyme, this drink is anti-all bacteria that may infect the body in winter, and is taken after mixing honey with thyme with warm water, in addition to the great health benefit of the body, because honey protects the body from the many diseases that may affect the winter and all seasons.

In the winter many people try to drink cold drinks, as well as to keep children healthy from colds, coughs and sore throat. Many doctors have advised after many studies to take honey, thyme and lemon after mixing it with warm water. In supplying the body with vitamins and protect it from the cold.