Methods of treatment of dry cough that affects humans

Dry cough is one of the most common problems affecting people. It is sometimes considered severe, especially since the throat is not very dry, causing pain to the person. There are many ways in which to do the dry cough.

Methods of treatment of dry cough that affects humans

The person can be exposed to this annoying disease due to a specific infection or the result of inflammation of the sinuses, or pneumonia and tuberculosis, and we present here some ways that can be done at home to get rid of this cough.

Turmeric milk, which contains a lot of antiviral and bacteria, as it solves the problem of dry cough, and by eliminating the inflammation inside the body.

Other ways are to eat some ginger, while ginger contains anti-viral substances, which helps to get rid of infections, and helps relieve dry cough.

Black pepper also has a significant role in relieving dry cough, if black flakes are taken with some butter, and can be taken in the period when the person is infected with dry cough.

Lemon is very important in getting rid of dry cough. Lemon contains vitamin Q as it protects the body from diseases, and helps the body to get rid of infection that leads to dry cough.

Honey is very important in the case of dry cough, people can mix lemon with honey, along with coconut oil, in the period that is infected with cough dry, and will get a positive result.