Treat the hair during the orange and lemon mask

Many people care carefully about hair, especially since hair is the aesthetic face of the human face. Women are very interested in their appearance and their keen interest in hair care, and women are always looking for the right ways to make hair stronger and shiny.

Treat the hair during the orange and lemon mask

There is a lot that can be done at home without having to go to your doctor carefully hair, where you can mix a mixture of orange with lemon to get a gorgeous mask and a hair grease done, this mask can solve the problem of hair shattering.

It is worth mentioning that the mask of lemon and orange benefits the hair with more important vitamins that make it stronger and shine, and we will provide the right way to mask the orange and lemon to prevent hair damage.

Essential ingredients of lemon and orange mask for hair care

1: An orange
2: Lemons.
3: a large spoon of honey.
4 tablespoons olive oil.

How to prepare:

Where the orange and lemon are filtered from the seeds, and we mix the ingredients together, and the mask can be obtained by blending the ingredients together properly to obtain a cream-like oil for the damaged hair.

After that we massage the hair in full with the mixture and cream, where you can leave the mixture on the hair for at least an hour, then we wash hair well shampoo to get a wonderful result and useful to the hair, and can repeat the process on demand.