Healthy foods for healthy fetus growth

There are many healthy foods that you should take care of in dealing with pregnant women for fetal health

We often hear a saying that a pregnant woman should eat a lot because she eats for two people and this is not true.

The most important foods that a pregnant woman should pay attention to in the health and health of the fetus are as follows:

* Egg is one of the most important health foods that benefit the pregnant woman and the health of the fetus because of the contents of a high percentage of calcium for bones, which are reflected on the health of the fetus and provide him with calcium and protein and all the lack of minerals.

* Fish of all kinds because of the containment of many minerals provide the fetus with minerals and help to develop vision and brain in the fetus and also works to strengthen bones.

Nuts are important things that help to develop the brain dramatically and help to give vitamins to pregnant women and the fetus.

* Fruits and vegetables are the basic supplements for all that the body lacks minerals and proteins and all that is necessary for pregnant women.