How to get a slim body

Many women are interested in getting a slim and athletic body. By following the sport and a healthy diet, unlike women who suffer from this problem

The most important methods to follow for a healthy and healthy body:

* Exercise must be done daily for an hour a day, such as walking and jogging, it helps to get your body agility.

* Follow a healthy diet and allocated and away from foods that work on obesity.

* Do not sit for very long periods, because that is one of the most important reasons that help. The appearance of the rumen and buttocks inappropriately and attractive, which works to gain weight.

* Focus on drinking plenty of water daily, natural juices and distancing on soft drinks.

Eat high fiber foods that give a feeling of fullness and facilitate digestion of food.

* Continue to eat green tea, one of the most natural drinks that give the body by drinking a cup to two cups of green tea.