Risks and Disadvantages of Contact Lenses

Attention to appearance and beauty is present in every person, ladies often wear contact lenses to get attractive and beautiful appearance, but there are a lot of risks borne by contact lenses of the most important of these risks:

Risks and Disadvantages of Contact Lenses

* Wear contact lenses unhealthy for a long time beyond the hours lead to a major health problem in the eye and can work on an ulcer inside the eye.

* Works for contact lenses when. Wear them on the dry eye from the inside because of the limited oxygen from the eye, which leads to dry eye and cause eye injuries in the same.

* Do not wear lenses before putting makeup, but must put makeup first and then put makeup so as not to mix the effects of make-up with contact lenses that interact with the tissues of the eye, causing eye damage and a major health problem.

Do not wear contact lenses If you have a health problem such as itching or blurred vision, consult an ophthalmologist before wearing contact lenses for eye health.

Therefore, many doctors around the world advise not to wear contact lenses unless they consult a specialist. The strength of the eye is examined, and then the diagnosis is made by the lens and the degree of the lens, since no one can wear contact lenses from one person to another.