How To Get Rid Of Bad Smell Down Hand

Armpit is considered one of the most common places in the human body, which is exposed to sweating and the emergence of unwanted odor if not taken care of well.
For the good care of the aroma of the armpit there are many steps, the most important of which:

How To Get Rid Of Bad Smell Down Hand

* Hair should be removed constantly in this area is a sensitive area must be taken care of.

* Use soap to wash the armpits to maintain a beautiful smell and then use the deodorant that you prefer, which gives you recovery and vitality throughout the day.

* Use baby powder in a small amount of them under the armpit it gives a beautiful smell long-term to.

* Use a piece of lemon and put it for five minutes, this method prevents sweating armpit and the emergence of unwanted odor.

* Continue to drink the herb sage prevent sweating and eliminate the smell of bad sweat.

* Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables that will prevent the smell of bad sweat and reduce the intake of meat.