How to take care of oily skin

There are many types of skin in women, there are dry skin, and there are also natural skin, and also oily skin,

But oily skin is one of the most common types of skin that has many health problems, such as black pimples, wide pore openings in the skin, and excessive fat production in the skin.

But there are a lot of steps that should be followed in women who suffer from the problem of oily skin, the most important as follows:

* Do not massage for a long time to oily skin because of increased secretion of fat hormone in the skin when massage oily skin should be massage for a short period.

* Peeling should be used for oily skin preferably once every week because the peeling process eliminates all dirt and blackheads.

* The use of cosmetics such as protective foundation of the skin, which suits the degree of oily skin so as not to be exposed to problems.

* There are a lot of moisturizers that do not contain the proportion of oils should be used for oily skin and better for oily skin and give it vitality and freshness.