Olive oil strengthens the nails method of use

Many women are interested in the external appearance, in addition to the great interest in nails, and many women buy lotions and others, including what is useful and does not provide any benefit, and some women resort to natural oils and products, including olive oil, which strengthens the nails Rapidly.

Olive oil strengthens the nails method of use

Olive oil helps to strengthen the nails along with their protection, and their appearance in beautiful pink, which provides happiness for each lady, and there is a way to prepare a mixture of olive oil to protect the nails.


A cup of olive oil.
Half cup of rose water.

Preparation for use:

The olive oil is heated on the fire to warm, then placed on the nails for at least half an hour, and then washed with the water on the rose, and repeated this process twice a week to obtain a positive result wonderful.

It is worth mentioning that the growth of nails has a great relationship with the food that man, which determines the shape and strength of the appearance of nails.