The most important recipes to get rid of bad breath

The problem of bad smell coming out of the mouth is one of the most common problems among all ages for children and adults.

One of the main causes of foul mouth odor is:

* The presence of many bacteria in the mouth as a result of negligence and lack of cleaning teeth after eating and before sleep.

* Frequent drinking alcohol that will reflect the smell of foul mouth.

* Eat foods that contain too much onion and garlic excessively which makes the mouth smell bad and cause embarrassment to the person.

* Dental caries and gingivitis are among the most common causes that cause bad mouth odor due to lack of interest in cleaning teeth.

The most important ways to maintain the mouth and not to have a bad smell as follows:

* Keep the cleanliness of teeth and the use of healthy soap daily with a beautiful and attractive smell to keep teeth and mouth in good health.

* Keep the tongue clean as there is a special tool to clean the tongue.

* Oral lotion should be used daily to enjoy good health of the teeth and mouth and smell beautiful.